WaveMail 2.xx

WaveMail version 2.0 has been released on 1. Sept. 2004. Major advantages of this new version are the full support of long filenames as well as the support of modems defined in Windows (TAPI). WaveMail 2.0 is a full 32-bit application whereas the older 1.xx versions were still 16-bit.

The user interface of WaveMail 2.xx is identical with version 1.xx and therefore the transition to the new version is very smooth.

New Features:
  • Full support of long filenames, very useful for attachments
  • Support for TAPI modems (Windows Telephone Application Programming Interface)
  • Modems (TAPI) may be shared with other applications
  • For telephone type modems: optionally ignore incoming calls (may be useful if the same line is used for voice and data)
  • New message database, more robust

Update policy:
WaveMail Version 2.xx needs a different License Code than the one used for version 1.xx. In order to use WaveMail 2.xx you need to request a new License Code from Schuemperlin Engineering AG.
Date of purchase of WaveMail 1.xx Update cost
on or after 1.July 2003 free of charge
before 1.July 2003 CHF 155.-- per license

How to update/get the new License Code:
  1. Download the Update Request Form from our web site (document WaveMail_Update_2_RequestForm.doc).
  2. Complete the Update Request Form. We can only process your request when we have at least the following information: Station-ID and current License Code.
  3. Send us the completed Update Request Form by email, fax or mail. If you are not entitled for a free update, then you must send us the Update Request Form together with an official purchase order from your organization. Order the necessary quantity of item WM-UD2 (WaveMail Update 2.0).
  4. After you receive the new License Code, you can download and install WaveMail 2.xx .